A function of an aesthetic point of view.

It requires discrimination, intelligence and imagination.

Our services


Graphic Design 平面設計


We have a professional graphic design team consisting of a 2D and 3D digital artist, a watercolor illustrator, a graphic designer, and a photographer and are capable of combining hand-drawn art and digital image elements to craft a comprehensive series of visuals for your brand or project.

Web Design 網頁設計


We create websites with responsive web design from the hands of our professional graphic design team, offering free design material for your website. Our professional writers can tailor your website copy to your needs and, for an additional price, professional translators offer English translations and proofreading services.

Exhibition 國際展覽






We offer consulting services for international or domestic art exhibitions and assistance for organizing the perfect exhibition.

With our help, artistic have gained international exposure in countries such as France (Paris, La Boule), the United States (New York), and Japan (Tokyo).

In Taiwan, we offer assistance in leasing venues and coordinating exhibitions. We also welcome construction projects and brands to ask us about organizing your event, where we invite artists with the right fit for your brand to collaborate.

Organizer: LEXPO

Workshop 工作坊


合作單位:Toner Gallery.Co

We design courses and related marketing schemes for artists, illustrators, and craftsmen from Taiwan and beyond. Our comprehensive service includes helping with leasing venues, designing courses, pricing, course marketing, and recruiting.

Co-organizer: Toner Gallery.Co



We offer customized artwork such as 2D and 3D digital art, watercolor, hand sketches, construction projects, commercial space murals, 2D and 3D animated shorts (including narration, background music and sound effects), miniature models of food and scenes, and building models.

Custom ARtistic Brushes 客製畫筆



We customize designer brushes for the artist’s own brand. Crafted in the home of the Chinese brush – Wen Gan Brush House, each brush is the result of high quality hand-craft, produced in small batches. We also help manage imports and exports for a comprehensive service. Customized brushes of various types including writing, watercolor, and oil painting, are regularly exported to the US, EU, and Japan.